Friday, November 28, 2008

Is Iceland our Hope?

A convoluted thought came to me the other day while reading a desperate blog from a woman in Iceland. The situation the people find themselves in is both frightening, mesmerizing and on the other hand hopeful? Hopeful? Yes...HOPEFUL...

They are in a dire situation where their monetary system is crumbling along with their political system - they are going where Survivalists have long prepared to go. What I find hopeful is the throwing off of the socialistic government. A realization that the government is powerless to fix this situation.

I find it almost comical that we are seeing just about NOTHING about this on our news - probably because the darkest fear is that we are not so far behind them in regards to a meltdown.

So if there is a meltdown here - where our "Parliament" (Congress) slaps each other, looses composure, wrings their hands because there is nothing else to do... What if we here loose absolute confidence in our government. What if this lack of confidence permeates this country and not just those of us who are prepared? What if we throw off this Government as Iceland seems to be about to do? What is left?

I find hope that in the throwing off of this Government, we go back to the basic tenets of our Founding Fathers - we go back to the Constitution. We go back to the beginning where we realized that our best defense, our best opportunity, our best asset as a Country was US - AMERICANS.

We go back to States looking out for States, people looking out for people, families feeding themselves as well as those in close proximity who needed them. We go back to Charity, Apprenticeships, Hand UP and not Hand out (as trite as that sounds.)

This is not to belittle the wrenching that would come with an upheaval. The panic, lives lost, property lost, redirection of priorities, the senselessness of some things.... This is a brief thought about the strength of us Americans after we have gone through the fire, the forging of our beliefs and convictions as strong as iron afterwards.

God have mercy on Iceland and God have mercy on us as well. God Bless America.

As always and now that it seems time is fleeting - Pray, Praise, PREPARE


theotherryan said...

I think we could use a Parliament style fist fight in either of the houses. Heck how about a house vs. senate brawl. It would get people following politics and show that our representatives actually care a lot about something, or are just willing to throw down;)

That is an interesting and somewhat hopeful vision. If things get that messes up big powerful countries tend to do bad things, think Weimar Republic and a not very nice fellow named Hitler.

Bad times tend to lead to people being willing to let the government take drastic steps to 'fix' the problem. If we put people in charge who wanted to go in that direction big gains could be made. I doubt that will happen because it would surely mean touching social security and medicare.

In any case kudos to you for seeing a potential upside to this whole thing and thinking outside of the box.

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

I would hate to see our Government go all Jerry Springer, but a nice Hamilton duel would be awesome!

I totally agree it would get a large percentage of the voters out there engaged in what is going on with our Govt.

Intellectually, I know history tends to repeat itself but I just cant see us going Weimar. Hitler and his actions were so monsterous that some even refuse to believe they happened, I would think we would recoil in the opposite direction.

I really really really want to believe that we would go back to the Constitution. At the very worst, I can see the South, Midwest, Central going back to the Constitution and the Coasts going Weimar.

Wouldnt it be ironic to see a country divided a second time, but this time the South on the side of the angels? There might be a post there...

Thanks so much for the posts / blogs - its a great read and really gets my head moving!