Monday, November 24, 2008

Honey, Dont put your mouth on that...

Its what I wanted to tell the precious little boy sitting near me at an athletic event this weekend and after my nieces had a stomach thing, thought it was the right time for this post. Anyway, this little boy kept running his mouth up and down the railing since we were on the front row…. Lets just say it skeeved me out. It also gave the topic of the next post. On a side note, framers should be to the house within the next week, so house topics will begin to resume ;)

Anyway….This cute little boy basically sucked on the handrail the entire 2 hours. If I had known this child, I would have pulled out my little handy santiwipes and wiped his mouth out and also done the handrail. This is November people, and the sick season is upon us. Its daily I hear from a friend who has a child throwing up at home, a husband who has come home from work sick or one of my children coming home telling me “so and so barfed today” at school.

Now is the time to make sure your “Medicine Pantry” is well stocked. There are lists all over the internet of what you should have, and so I will not repeat, I just want to make a few observations.

** Sudafed – it is a “controlled substance” and therefore you can only buy a little at a time. I purchase and I also send my husband to purchase. I know I don’t need to say it, but here it is – buy generic. We do this about every 3 week and have a nice little stash now. This is just another thing Meth addicts have ruined….

** Make sure you have items for yourself, but also for your children. Antihistamines in pill and liquid form. Pain relievers in pill and liquid form. You don’t want to have to take that 2 a.m. drive….it bad enough to be up at that ungodly hour!

** Keep santi-wipes in your purse ( I don’t know how men make it without a purse, but that is for another time…). Clean your grocery cart every time. Hand sanitizer yourself and your kids (they are germ magnets) frequently.

Here are my Flu Pandemic scare tactics….

** You need to make sure you have a plan.

**A room to isolate

** Items: alcohol, bleach, face masks, gloves, expectorants (make sure JUST expectorant, not expectorant with suppressant – whats the point?), natural antibiotics (garlic, colloidal silver) as well as natural flu fighters (Sambucol – natural elderberry). If the flu is going to kill you, it will do it usually within 2 days mostly due to dehydration and lung congestion (basically suffocation.) Have items that will fight these two things – ORS’s (oral rehydration solutions) and expectorants (Musinex, Tussins). This is not an exhaustive list – don’t take it as such! AND ALWAYS SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP/OPINION – AKA – SEE A DOCTOR!

Google “Flu Pandemic Preparedness” for more complete lists.

One final piece of information – the Government has issued protocol for a “what if” scenario like the world wide Pandemic of 1918. Most people will not get treatment, but will be sent home, to get better or die. Home quarantine is preferred, but do not discount forced quarantine elsewhere if the Government deems it necessary. Medicines like Tamiflu will be given to “essential personnel” (police, fire, medical) and the general population just doesn’t qualify. Your best bet is staying healthy and staying at home…PREVENTION first and PREPARED to stay at home is essential.

Check out this site from Google that tells you your state’s flu risk – ITS COOL -

As always, Pray, Praise, Prepare - jwe


Anonymous said...

"This is just another thing Meth addicts have ruined…."

No, this is just another thing government has ruined.

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

Anon - I will give you that :)

theotherryan said...

Add Benadryl (sp) to the list.

theotherryan said...

I do need to beef up the medicine cabinet with some sudafed and pedialite.

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

We buy the cheapy, off brand Benadryl - antihistamine, in both liquid and pill form. When desperate enough, I have taught a 6 year old to swallow the tic-tac sized pill or given the husband a couple tablespoons of the liquid!,