Monday, January 5, 2009

Quick way to ABS of Steel....

I got a stomach thing on Friday - 4:15 to be exact.... I lost a few pounds and my abs are stronger, so all in all not a bad thing ;)

It did wake me up a bit to a soft spot in my preparing. I have prepped for nutrition - for flavor - for those special items each of my family members like, but I neglected to adequately prep for an upset stomach. AND AN UPSET STOMACH MUST NOT BE IGNORED.....

In times of stress, tummies get upset. I am woefully understocked in "easy foods". Not easy to fix (although they tend to be), but EASY on the stomach. So tomorrow when I visit Sams (first time in YEARS) on the top of my list is Ramen Noodles.

Yeah, those old College Ramen Noodles - the ones that sell for about 10 cents at the grocery store. They were the best thing on my stomach on Saturday - actually, they were the only thing on my stomach this Saturday. But by Sunday, they left something to be desired in regards to my palate.

Just a shot of Tabasco with Chipolte and Worcestershire and a little parsley on top made this old dorm classic much better.

Also on my list are Saltines. CAN YOU BELIEVE I DONT HAVE ANY? Somewhere along the line, saltines gave way to Pepperidge Farm Goldfish! My guess is it was about 1995, when the first munchkin turned 1 and the saltines became a mess and she could pop those little fish in without much ado.

What would make your stomach feel better? What about your family? Make sure this area of your prepping isnt like mine and a little out of kilter.


Shy Wolf said...

EGADS! Pearls! Stay away from those cardboard Ramen noodles- your tummy ain't 20 any more. (Now how would I know that? :-D ) There's about as much nutrition in a cereal box.
What helps my po' little tummy is a good serving of some easy veggies: carrots, green beans, broccoli, asparagus, peas. Foods easy to digest (but not rabbit food) and with some nutrients. A day of those, then slam in the bacon and pork chops and roast critter and a few pounds of smashed taters. A good dose of water helps settle things, too- real water, not that bottled stuff with artificial and natural flavors.
hmmm..verification word is g-u-r-o-w-s: g'rows..wonder if that means good food that 'g'rows' instead of mfr'd?

theotherryan said...

When we had stew last week Wifey wanted saltines and I was baffled that we don't have any. Went to the store and picked up four boxes of them.

I like grilled cheese n tomato soup for a cold or upset stomach.

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

Shy - you better know I am not 20 because I have a 14 year old and not because of my pic :)

TOR - I LOVE grilled cheese - you can put so much inside of them - ham, bacon, tomato - but I had 3 minutes tops that I wanted to be upright in the kitchen and grilled cheese was too high maintenence.

Angela said...

How does a household not have saltines? *shudder* I guess I just can't imagine that, because we use saltines down here as shovels for our rice. :)

Last month, we found ourselves in a position that was basically unimaginable: it snowed. In southeast Louisiana, we got 7 inches of snow and it knocked our power out for days. Since that happened, we've been thinking less about stocking up (we're already prepared food-wise in case of hurricanes, etc), and more about hurrying up and getting that generator.

Sometimes it helps to think in opposites (if that makes any sense!). A few years ago we were living in Germany during that awful heat wave, and you wouldn't believe how many people didn't understand they needed to open windows to let the air circulate.

Brad K. said...

I think the term you are looking for was what my mother called a 'clear liquid diet' which wasn't necessarily all liquid or all clear. Cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup is not clear, at least what I eat.

Akin to upset stomach - acid reflux.

Other 'comfort foods' - graham crackers. Lots of fiber.

Psyllium husk. I got into a five-day bout of food poisoning. Psyllium husk absorbs the acids, the extra fluids, soothes the throat all the way on through. This is the useful part of Metamucil, after you take out the flavoring and sugar. Mix and drink fast - it forms a soggy mass quickly, drink *at least* 12-16 ounces of water with each teaspon, once a day. This is helpful for lots more than just constipation - and, yes, I do mean diarrhea, vomiting, upset stomach, sinus drainage, etc.

If you check the package, ramen noodles have more protein than the short can of beanee weanee.

You know the snack packs of fruit that Dole and Wal-Mart sell? Wal-Mart started last year (when I found it) to package corn, peas, carrots, and green beans in the little four ounce, plastic, four-to-a-carboard-sleeve packs just about like the diced peaches and mandarin oranges. One cuplet of corn or peas really stretches the ramen noodles. This is especially helpful when cooking for one, or caring for one "special menu" person.

Another variant with ramen noodles is - top with a can of beanee weanee (short can per serving). Or serve with a couple slices of wheat bread and butter.

Ginger ale can be a good soother. The ginger (if actually present, we all know about today's manufactured foods) is a specific for upset stomach. Another approach is "ginger soup", shave a small sliver of ginger into a cup of water, and nuke it. Keep the rest of the ginger root in the freezer until needed (wrap well).

But even better is to avoid cold drinks. Chilled drinks (and food) chill the stomach - which stops processing until everything reaches body temperature. Hot decaf green tea, various herbal teas (Celestial Seasoning makes a delightful Honey Lemon Ginseng, and a great Country Peach Passion, as well as lots of other varieties). Even hot water - hot and warmed liquids are easier on the body and digestion. And dehydration when you lack appetite can impair healing and energy. Moderately hot liquids can feel comforting, applying heat from within to cramps and soreness.

Don't overlook the little snack cups of fruit for comfort food - great fiber, easy servings. Tang keeps really well, you can mix a cup at a time, even with hot water. Fresh fruit juices, or reconstituted, too.

Don't forget the saline nasal mist or neti wash. Stomach acids that reach the sinuses and nose can cause acid burns - and sinus infection. Using the (non-medicated!) mist, twice in each side with a huge sniff each time, once an hour, and blow for a few hours or days after. Or continue for allergies, or sniffles (even stopped up!). The salt water (saline) helps wash away contaminants like allergens, germs, etc. and cannot interfere with any medication.

(Many spontaneous nose bleeds are due to dried sinuses - the saline nasal mist can help relieve that, too.)

I hope you are feeling better!

Ramon said...

Ritz crackers & Clear soda.
Oatmeal & Cream of Wheat.
Good old comfort foods are a requirement at our house.