Sunday, January 11, 2009

One more Rant about Gaza

It is ABSOLUTELY INCREDULOUS to me that Israel is supposed to care about what happens to the Civilians in Gaza!!

Hamas uses THEIR OWN as cover for their activities. They hide near hospitals - they hide near schools - they use THEIR OWN PEOPLE as human shields.

Israel is being demonized for protecting itself and NOT protecting those that HAMAS is supposedly fighting for....

Where is the crying for those in Israel that died as a result of Hamas' rockets? Where are those tears?

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Shy Wolf said...

I'm putting my money on Israel as well as my prayers. It's about time they stood up to world opinion and bleeding hearts who think they are scum. As Jesus said, He chose them not because they are great, but because they are not. He chose the least of the world to humble the mighty. Praise God and let the bullets fly- Israel has my vote.