Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Benjamin Franklin was ADORABLE....

I am sure that as one of the Founding Fathers, he would have bristled with that description - but after reading his autobiography, maybe he wouldnt.

I picked up the Benjamin Franklin Autobiography the other day after hearing (on the Glenn Beck Show) about the list he read every morning and every evening in order to be a better man.

The book is 150 pages, was around $5 and its really an easy read even in his language of the day.

The book begins with his life as a teen and proceeds for many years. It does not cover his entire life (which would have been a GREAT read in his own words) but there was an autobiography by Mr. Franklin that was then completed by a man who is a Franklin scholar that may be next on the list. The scholar supposedly finished the life of Franklin as if Franklin himself finished his autobiography.

Just a quick shout out for yall to read a great book about one of the men whose views helped shape our Country. This is definitely one that will be added to our home library for our children to read!

EDIT: The name of the book is The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin


Ramon said...

What was the actual title of the book?

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin....sorry :)

Ramon said...

Found one online (@ $3.99) with one week scheduled delivery. Thanks for the tip.