Saturday, January 17, 2009

Own a Gun You Wussies....Part 2

People.....I dont care if you have kids in the house - You have knives right? You have things that would be poisonous right?.....YOU NEED TO OWN A GUN.

I dont even care what kind - I dont care if its a pellet gun, thats not true, I do care if you own a pellet gun...In fact, I would laugh at you....

If I asked people who DO NOT own a gun to rank their "Rights" - their Freedoms - the Amendments in order of importance, the 2nd Amendment would be way down the list.

They would list their Freedom of Speech - Their Freedom to Assemble - Their Freedom of Religion....on and on....Somewhere they might remember they have the right to "Bear Arms" if the even realize what that is....

What they DO NOT REALIZE is that when the Government takes away The 2nd Amendment, what will keep them from taking the 1st Amendment?

I honestly believe that the 2nd Amendment should have been our 1st! It is the 2nd Amendment that protects all of your other rights. The 2nd Amendment isnt just to protect your home from a robber - its to protect YOUR RIGHTS FROM THE GOVERNMENT.

Whats the saying:

An ARMED Individual is a CITIZEN - An UNARMED Individual is a SUBJECT

There is a reason Totalitarian Governments first unarm their citizens BEFORE they institute Fascism or Socialism....

Now - I honestly dont think we will ever need to rise up against our Government. But, I could be wrong....You just never know. However, it is IMPERATIVE that the Government KNOW that THE MAJORITY of its Citizens are armed. It keeps them "more honest." The Government would behave differently if the ATF determined that the vast majority of patriots had a home weapon. It just would.

Owning a gun just says that you KNOW your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and you are going to exercise them. If you do not EXERCISE them, you will not keep them - simple as that.

If you want to continue speaking freely, you need to own a GUN FIRST....period....

We established however some, although not all its [self-government] important principles . The constitutions of most of our States assert, that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves, in all cases to which they think themselves competent, (as in electing their functionaries executive and legislative, and deciding by a jury of themselves, in all judiciary cases in which any fact is involved,) or they may act by representatives, freely and equally chosen; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed;

Thomas Jefferson.


MeadowLark said...

For those of you worried about little ones, I saw a product just yesterday at the SHOT show. It is called SAFETY BULLET. The quick version is that it's a "false" round that is chambered. If someone pulls the trigger, the gun is actually DISABLED by this "bullet" and cannot be fired. If you worry that your kid is smart enough to rack a round first, you can load TWO safety bullets. They rack the first and the second basically "disables" the handgun. You though, are smart enough to rack two in a defensive situation.

Anyway, I haven't done any major research, but I would suggest you look into it. I'm not affiliated with them and actually don't know squat... but it's worth looking into. I took a brochure home. is their website.

Mayberry said...

And we don't need to rise up against the government now BECAUSE?!!! As we speak, they are stealing our money and giving it to their corporate masters. They are trampling our rights as fast as they can. They use force and coercion to impose their will on us. If that don't spell tyranny, I don't know what does.... Our government is just as corrupt as most turd world ratholes, if not more. It's just kept quiet is all. Relatively speaking....

Preparedwarrior said...

In a recent lunch discussion about weapons, I heard one single woman say "I wouldn't have a gun in the house, never went for weapons myself." Three people in that group related their experiences with home invasions where NO ONE was attacked, robbed, raped or murdered because they had a weapon to protect themselves.

I simply do not get it. Why are be so afraid of weapons. Learn about them, go to a range and fire them, get comfortable with the noise and the kick, and buy a weapon and ammo if for nothing else to save your own damn life.

I have little respect for anyone who will not stand up and protect themself. Period, end of statement.

Samuel Adams said...

I have even less respect for someone who will not stand up and protect their family! Perhaps this is Darwinism at work among Homo sapiens!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I love love LOVE to see people who need a good smacking around in order to come (back) to their senses to get one!

Way to use your 1st Amendment right to defend the 2nd!!!

I hope we never have to rise up against big Brother. If we do, a firearm is a -- THE-- most valuable deterrent.

Quarter a soldier, anyone?

"Sure! some'un go fetch me four horses..."

Excellent point that a knife, or Clorox, is as deadly to the wee ones. Mayhap more so-- because sheeple likely never think to train them on "what not to do with this..."

Anonymous said...


Agree that it is vitally necessary that the gov knows that a large part of the citizenry are armed, and the more of them with near-military-grade weapons the better.

The military term describing this is "A force in being." A force that is disregarded at one's peril.


The politicians are corrupt (people have been saying that going back at least 50 years, probably longer); The banking system is corrupt; and the courts are corrupt (witness the total obstruction and denial of the questions regarding The Anointed One's citizenship and eligibility.)I am concerned that under The Lightbringer our once great Republic will descend into Fascism at a rapid rate. Stalin had the Young Pioneers, Hitler had the Hitler Jugend and the Maids of the Reich, Mao had the Red Guard, and now we may see the "Civil Defense Corps" working the same "magic" here.

Old Squid.

Shy Wolf said...

Old Squid has a point: this Dark Lord is not to be trusted. I was listening to a talk show on the return from the gunshow today and the Dark Lord was speaking about his intent to change the Constitution. We can be sure he will change Amendments One, Two and Twenty-three (eliminate the two-term law). The others will be up for grabs as well.
(A quick search of World Net Daily will provide an article about the congress critter who's already got this change on the floor. Dem, of course.)
Once he gets his ACORN Civilian Army armed and funded, expect the door to door searches to begin. Resistance will be met with bullets from them. Don't kid yourself: this A-hole is out to turn this country muslim and will not stop at a little murder and internment.
MeadowLark: that safety bullet is OK if you want to insure your gun is inoperable when you need it most. I say that because in a hi-stress situation, the last thing you're going to remember is that safety bullet in your gun. And you won't have a pencil in your hand to recyle the lock. It works well: pistol or revolver. Too well for stressful places. Just teach the kids that guns are not toys. My son was raised around guns and never played with them.
I think the reason people are 'afraid' of guns is the fact they have no idea what their Constitutional rights are, don't care to know until they lose them, and the media is doing such a good job brainwashing them with all the horrendous stores of "our children are being slaughtered by gun owners" rather than telling us how many are killed by cars, rat poison, drugs, falls, drownings, et-al.
It's time to lock and load and be ready for that knock on the door. Be sure your doors are locked and answer them through the window. It will be smart to have your gun on your hip, if not in your hand, as well.

Brad K. said...

The way I see it, the 2nd Amendment is "tyrant repellent". The presence of weapons keeps tyranny from rearing up.

The 2nd Amendment reads to me, like it seems to you, to protect the citizenry from a tyrannical government. Using the guns in such a situation, against the government, is clearly and specifically a violation of the law. I presume that any cause we would have to use weapons against the government,would be because the government had violated the constitution. I hope - because acting on the 2nd Amendment, using those guns, gets into murky government and ethics, that I pray never occurs.

When it comes down to it, though, remember that most hardware stores have a pitchfork or three, or a stout broom handle. Many trees have limbs suitable for staffs that look like a quaint walking stick. Roads and creeks often have rocks, and the sling has been around in lots of variations. And none of them are weapons unless you know how to use them. Practice and prepare, indeed.

I like the observation I saw at Billll's Idle Mind - that all mass shootings happen in gun-free zones. And most end early when someone (off duty police, concealed-carry permit holder) uses a personal firearm.

I am a bit disturbed at the anger of those that won't arm themselves. The Amish have faced persecution and maintain a community response rather than individual defense. Their belief in non-violence is deceptively passive, at the individual level. I am not sure I understand or recommend their approach, but I think it works as well for them as other strategies. Note that the Amish (the European Anabaptists) have moved several times in the face of brutality and persecution.

Not everyone has thought through or shares the moral convictions of the Amish and other non-combatant types. There are silly people everywhere, some with guns, some without.

Anyone contemplating living off the grid in a rural setting needs a way to put down sick and aggressive livestock and vermin. A gun can fill that need.

theotherryan said...

Pearls, I think households with kids need to take some common sense steps to keep guns and kids apart; especially in today's world where kids are at home alone far more often then in the past. That being said as long as their have been guns in common usage there have probably been households with guns and kids. For the most part the experiment has worked out OK.

I believe that every individual (aside from career criminals, drug addicts, the mentally deficient, etc) who wants to own a firearm should get one. They should get as many as they can afford; that is my personal plan. While I can not understand why someone would choose not to own a gun it is their right. I will tolerate them not having guns as long as they can tolerate me having them. What choice do they have since I've got a gun and they don't?

May said...

Taught my son to shoot when he was 2 and his Dad held him between his knees to steady him so he could hold a bb gun. I could always trust him if we were absent from the house. He knew what a gun could do. His friends had parents who were gun owners. No one got hurt. We plinked in the desert.
Now a man, he hasn't shot anyone and won't, and his wife is a target plinker.

Kids in the house. I expect he will teach them, too.

This post is right on the money.
This Second Amendment guarantees all the rest of our freedoms and we had better watch our backs and our asses. This administration is going to try to do a gun grab and it will do so with your local law enforcement AND the domestic police force.

Come visit "Life on Sleepy Creek" blog for more of the same and don't forget to leave some comments.

Thank you.


I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

First - I cant believe I never replied to this post's comments...

Yall are right on the money and if you havent seen it yet - BO has had legislation introduced WITHIN minutes of him being sworn in that would do just that - grab our guns - check it out - its HR45.


And May, thanks for the invite, will definately do that!


May said...

Carolyn Maloney of NY, of course a Democrat, will also try to resurrect HR 1022.

Be aware.